Host Institution of the 'SymbioVec' at SBVM, UNICAM

Paolo Rossi, Matteo Valzano, Ulisse Ulissi, Irene ricci, Luciano Pasqualini, Aida Capone, Patrizia Scuppa, Cenoa De Freece, Michela Mosca, Alessia Cappeli, Claudia Damiani

Laborators and instruments, banches and 'people at work'

I introduce you the SymbioVec team at work...............


PhD students Priscilla and Jovana at the cellular hood handling yeast symbionts from mosquitoes.


PostDoc Alessia at the chemical hood preparing genomic templates.


PostDoc Alessia at the microscope taking pictures


PostDoc Matteo at the fluorescence mycroscope studing Plasmodium.



Research Assistant Paolo at the mosquitoes insectaty handling with mosquitoes.


Paolo again at the animals house handling with mice.




Nanodrop to quantify molecules


Refrigerate centrifuge to prepare tessues and templates


Homogenizer to extract nucleic acids from tissues


Cellular incubator





Real time Quantitative PCR


Centrifuge for vacuum concentrator


AKTA HPLC system is a fully automated liquid chromatography system specifically designed for purification of proteins, in which proteins of different sizes can be readily purified using specific columns.