Spin Off

SymbioVec and LaunTeNabio promise the use of symbionts based biopesticides to prevent diseases transmitted by many pathogenic insects.

At this purpose it has been launched "BioVecBlock",

a Spin-off involved in the development of new methods for the biological control of vectors,

run entirely by the youngest members of the Unicam team of Parasitology (http://www.biovecblog.org).



Aurelio Serrao e Matteo Valzano #MarketPlaceDay2016, Ancona, Italy



BioVecBlock awards:


2° prize Star Cup Marche 2015

Risultati immagini per start cup 2015 marche



1° prize Start Cup Marche 2016

Risultati immagini per start cup 2016 marche 



3° prize  for ATLAS at the Global Social Venture Competition

6-7 April 2017, university of California, Berkeley

La premiazione di Biovecblok